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Unique Reverse Umbrella
Unique Reverse Umbrella
Unique Reverse Umbrella
Unique Reverse Umbrella

Unique Reverse Umbrella

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REVERSIBLE-Innovative design to prevent the water dripping out,efficiently keep the floors and car dry.

HANDS FREE-This inverted toddler umbrella helps cross the C-shaped handle over your arm.Completely convenient when you hold baby,phone,bags in another hand.

INTIMATE DESIGN-Stand by itself,save space.For car race, do not make you wet when getting in or out of the car.Keep you warm.

Durable Windproof- With its double layer and strong quality ribs and it can handle strong winds and prolonged use.



The inverted umbrella or reverse folding umbrella is the way the umbrella should have been – so says the slogan of the inventor.

How many times have you struggled with an umbrella while getting in and out of your car to avoid getting wet?  How many times have you spilled rain water all over the floor when you close an umbrella?  We have been using the umbrella since the ancient civilization of 3000 years ago in Egypt, Greece and China. And it took us this long for us to innovate it!

The Inverted Umbrella has been one of the items I gave away to extended family one holiday season.  It was unique so there was interest.

The inverted umbrella or reverse folding umbrella, how is it different?

It looks like a regular umbrella but its unique mechanism allows it to be opened and closed in reverse (inward folding), leaving the dry side on the outside. This addresses the many challenges we face in using regular umbrellas. This unique reverse folding mechanism protects you from getting wet specially if you are alighting or getting into your car.  It also prevents spilling water all over the floor and avoids damage from strong winds.

It’s like winning the lottery if you receive an inverted umbrella as a gift this holiday season. Most of my friends are longing to get one. There’s disappointment if you receive an umbrella this holiday season and it’s not the new inverted umbrella!

Where did the inside out umbrella come from?

Some may have thought that this umbrella came from Asia where this is becoming popular fast. Who knew that someone from the UK actually invented it!

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